Get Your Booklist Here


We’ve listened to your feedback and this Winter, Algonquin College learners have a more personalized way to get their course materials.

The new Booklist feature allows learners to log into their Booklist and view a custom list of textbooks and materials needed for their courses.

Your Booklist login is your Algonquin College network username and password. Login here to Booklist

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login to my Booklist?
Your Booklist login is your Algonquin College network username and password, which can be found on ACSIS (Algonquin College Student Information System.
How does Booklist work?
  • Booklist matches your program/courses, with the materials needed for each, and displays them in a personalized custom list, just for you.
  • You can order your course materials online directly from your booklist, or print it out and bring it into the store to more easily find your course materials.
Are course kits and materials also included in my Booklist?
Required and suggested textbooks (and alternative formats where available) are presented in your Booklist. Other supplies, kits, uniforms, etcetera may be required for your course(s).
How do I know what resources I need for my classes?
Your Booklist will show both required and suggested resources, and alternative formats when available.
If I drop or add courses, will my Booklist change?
Yes, adding or dropping courses will result in changes to your Booklist. Please wait 24 hours after making any changes to your course load to view your updated Booklist.
If I have just registered today, can I get my Booklist?
You must have been fully registered for the Winter term for at least 24 hours to view your custom booklist.
I need help with my Booklist.
We would be happy to help you! Please contact us at, by online form, in person at Connections: The Campus Store or by phone at 613-727-4723 x 5255.