Pen - Frixion Ball Erasable Pen .7mm - Green

Item Information
Item#: 4902505417528
Colour Green
Section Stationery
On Hand 85
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FriXion Gel Ink Pens are the perfect solution for those who want to write, erase and rewrite their notes over and over again. The unique gel ink formula allows you to write, erase and re-write your notes repeatedly without wearing out the paper. Just apply the gel ink to any surface and press down firmly to make it disappear. You can then write on top of it again. No more smudges and smears.

Product Features:

- Erase easily with just a touch.

- Write smoothly, no smudging or smearing.

- Erase cleanly with just a touch.

- No more smudges and stains.

- Retract by pressing clip down to remove.

- Unique thermo-sensitive gel formula.


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