Lock: Combination Solid Colour Metallic

Item Information
Item#: 071649010750
Colour Assorted
Section Stationery
On Hand 91
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Combination Solid Colour Metal Locker has a unique design that makes it easy to identify your belongings. The hard-anodized aluminum cover protects the lock from scratches and dents. A hardened steel shackle provides extra strength and durability. And the stainless steel construction ensures long lasting quality.

Product Features:

- Available in three different colors.

- Includes a magnetic strip for attaching keys or ID cards.

- Unique design makes identifying your belongings easier.

- Hardened steel shackle provides extra security and durability.

- Stainless steel construction ensures long lasting performance.

- Easy to operate, just press the button to enter the combination.

- Durable hard-anodized aluminium cover protects the lock from scratching and denting.

- 3-digit combination security allows you to open your locker without having to remember the code.


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