Pens- Inkjoy Blue, Black, Red 10 Pack

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Item#: 071641033795
Colour Assorted
Section Stationery
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10 pack blue, black and red ink.

Paper Mate's InkJoy Pen

The Paper Mate InkJoy pen features the revolutionary InkJoy writing system, which gives you the best in effortless writing. The InkJoy writing system starts quickly without dragging, requires minimal pressure from your hand, and delivers crisp, clean lines every time.

Why InkJoy Works?

When Paper Mate set out to create the InkJoy experience, they started with the InkJoy writing system, a special blend of technology and art.

The Technology...

a unique blend of ultra-low viscosity inks and optimized writing tips to give you unparalleledsmoothness.

The Art...

a range of sleek and modern pen designs housing a rich paletteof vivid ink colours to dazzle your writing imagination.

This combination yields a sense of effortlessness, both on the paper and in your hand.


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