Calculator: Texas Instruments Ti-503Sv, 8-digit Display

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Texas Instruments TI-503SV 8-Digit Display Calculator

Built for Efficiency - Pocket-size calculator with giant SuperView display provides easy, on-the-spotanswers


Texas Instruments Calculator features an 8-digit display for convenient viewing. Calculator is ideal for home, office, school use and provides easy on the spot answers.


-Number of display digits: 8

-User friendly computing device offers the four basic functions: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division

-Power source: Battery

-Display notation: Numeric, display type: LCD

-Memory: 3key

-Display characters height: 10 mm

-Dimensions: 2 5/8" x 4 3/8"

-Replacement batteries: 1.5 V silver oxide

-Wall mountable

-Percentkey, +/- switch key, square root key

-Well spaced rubber keys, last answer function

-Pocket-size calculator with SuperView display provides easy, on-the-spot answers

-Automatic power down feature conserves battery life

-It is also equipped with dedicated buttons for computing square roots and percentages, you can easily take it along anywhere you go

-8 digit display calculator allows easier input with its well-placed, highly-responsive softkeys, all the commonly used buttons are made bigger and strategically placed for convenient reach

-Large displayof the calculator helps ensure that you don't make computing mistakes due to misreading the results, it shows 8 digit numbers clearly on its -7mm high display, so you can do work more accurately

-Battery life of the calculator is made to last longer with the practical automatic power down feature

-Certifications and standards: RoHS compliant


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